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Support an Artist

LocalCanvas gives Photography and Art enthusiasts a platform to sell their content so they can keep doing what they love most without having to worry about updating a website or fulfilling their orders.

Wide Variety

LocalCanvas is home to many artists with a wide variety of talents and themes surrounding their work. Search around to find something that speaks to you, or find the perfect gift for friends and family.


Most platforms take all of the profit and/or charge hundreds each month in order to maintain and create an online store for you. LocalCanvas is free to use. Artists receive royalties for every product sold using their artwork or photographs.

Featured Artists

Zach Everson


Clair Coates


Trey Fyfe

Astral Photography

Proudly Canadian

Not only is LocalCanvas owned and operated within Canada, but all of our orders are made to order and shipped within Canada. This means you will save money on currency conversion and various customs costs.

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